Monday, October 27, 2014

Is One Too Young?

Our answer: No!

We have recently taken our one year old daughter to Disney World for the first time. We do not feel that bringing a one year old to Disney World is too young, but everyone has their own opinion. Many people feel that it is impossible to travel with a child, especially a place that can be really crowded at times. We really wanted to introduce Disney World to our child early on. We want her to know why we love Disney and to embrace it! 

Here are 10 reasons why we believe that One is just not too young.

1.) By 1 most kids can walk
2.) Taking a trip back to the room for the child to nap isn't always a bad thing. It gives you a little time to relax and recover from all the walking and the heat.
3.) Infants/Toddlers think that everything is amazing.
4.) 1 Year Olds do not ask you to buy everything for them.
5.) You get to go on attractions that you haven't been interested in going on for years...and you become interested in them again.
6.) You probably don't need to buy them their own meal. Our daughter just ate off of our plates!
7.) They are free to get into the parks!
8.) They are free to ride on your lap on the airplane (If that is how you plan to travel)
9.) You can use rider swap for rides that aren't so infant/toddler friendly..and it saves you a lot of standing in line time.
10.) The great smile you get to see when they first see Mickey and/or meet him!

Stay Tuned for our next post....Our Trip to Disney Summer of 2014 - the details of our trip.

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